Very little light!

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>Subject: Very little light!
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>I keep my plants on the patio of my apartment, but this place gets very 
>little light on it. My question is does this small amount of leght mean 
>that I should water my plants less than I would if they had light all 
>day. I'm new to this plants thing so any help would be great.

>Chris Lemons

Well of course it depends on the plants, soil-less media and other factors,
but evapourtranspiration increases with temperature, not light.
the humdity of enclosed areas causes less evapourtanspiration.  That is why 
cuttings are grown under mist units.  It stops them lossing water when the 
havn't got roots, and waters them as well.  Excess water is used so 
evapouration can cool the air, scince little transpiration is occuring.  
Many plants will transpire about 90% of water uptake immediately.  Hotter 
temperatures require more evapoutranspiration to cool the plants. 
Wind will also increase evapoutranspiration.

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