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>>To my knowledge, trees and groups of trees communicate directly, if
>>can call it communication. Trees naturally form root grafts when they
>>next to each other, and therefore are connected together. in some
>>situations an entire forested area may be physically ( and chemically
>>connected by root grafts  and could be viewed as one organism.
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>>David Alosi
>Trees do form root grafts but they "generally" occur intraspecially
>oak to red oak) and not interspecially (ie. red oak to white oak). 
>grafts are the primary mode of transmission of the oak wilt fungus
>one tree to the next.  I know of no instance of intergeneral (ie. oak
>maple) root grafting. Any info from anyone else?
>Roseville, MN
There does seem to be evidence of interspecific root grafting.  Barbor,
Burk, and Pitts in Terestrial Plant Ecology, (Second Edition, 1986,
Benjamin/Cummings, Pgs. 139-140) cite a number of examples of this type
of linkage.  They also cite a hypothesis that the grafts are occurring
via mycorrhizal hyphae linkages between trees.

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