Please help 7th Grade class answer questions

O Monje sl5dl at
Thu Jun 15 20:57:12 EST 1995

ez028522 at (George Chan) wrote:

>3.  Why do plants have to be green?
Usually the parts of the plant that are green are the leaves and stems, flowers can have
a wide variety of colors.

The reason for the green color is that leaves and stems contain chlorophyll,a very important pigment.
Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue from the incoming light, an so green is reflected from the plant onto your eye,
causing the leaf to appear green.  When chlorophyll breaks down as the plant ages then the leaves may turn red, or yellow.
This is because of other pigments found in the same leaves, which now they have a chance (once the chlorophyll is gone)
 to absorb and reflect other colors (wavelengths) from the incoming light.


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