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> Could anyone please give me any www sites where I could find
> information on duckweed (Lemna). I need some to do some detailed
> research on the angiosperm as a part of my Biology project. The
> subject is on the effects of nitrates and phosphates on duckweed
> growth and consequently the effect of eutrophication in rivers.
> Thanks a lot for your help.
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I can't help you with any www sights...don't know of any...however
in searching our databases, I came up with a book that might be of help
to you:

Duckweek aquaculture : a new aquatic farming system for 
developing countries. by Paul Skillicorn, William Spira
and William Journey.

OCLC # 27224223
ISN/Other # 082132067x
LCCN 92-45127
ALT # 5260954

I don't know if U.K. has something similar to our (US) inter-
library loan system or not.  If it does you should be able to
order by one of the #'s listed above.

I am also sending you a list of 35-40 magazine articles
which may be of help to you going back to 1991.  It is
far to large for me to type in here so I will send it 
to you as a private e-mail msg.

Hope this is of some help. 

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