white fly problems

Tim Barkley BARKLEYT at agvax2.ag.ohio-state.edu
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> Hi folks,
>      I just placed a number of newly regenerated transgenics in my
> greenhouse and they have become infested with white flies.  Any simple
> solutions to dealing with this problem?  
> The plants are mostly leguminous species.


You might also try whitefly parasites or whitefly predators.  They are
a beneficial organisms that attack the pest not people, plants or pets.
However they do need time to work and should be included as a part of 
an over-all pest management system.  One source that I have is:

** Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
   P.O. Box 2209
   Grass Valley, CA. 95945 
   (916) 272-4769

They do have a catalog available.  Good luck.

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