white fly problems

cheryl cheryl at ucrac1.ucr.edu
Mon Jun 19 19:00:41 EST 1995

Gary Kuleck <gkuleck at lmumail.lmu.edu> wrote:
> Hi folks,
>      I just placed a number of newly regenerated transgenics in my
> greenhouse and they have become infested with white flies.  Any simple
> solutions to dealing with this problem?  
> The plants are mostly leguminous species.
> Thanks, 
> Gary Kuleck
> e-mail:gkuleck at lmumail.lmu.edu
> Biology Department
> Loyola Marymount University
> Los Angeles, CA 90045
We have the same probelm in our greenhouses.  There are a couple of
 things you can try that shouldn't injure your plants:
1. Try a product called Safer soap. It should be available at Target or 
Home Depot or such. It's about $8 a concentrated pint but I think it's
sold ready to use also.  It's composed of fatty acids.
2. Utra fine or super fine oil spray is used in some greenhouses here 
and some people swear by it.  You should be able to get it from a 
horticultural supply house.
3. Enstar is the insect growth regulator used to control whiteflies but
I think you need a license to get it.
4.Commercial greenhouses often use very fine netting to protect their plants
5. Parasitic wasps - I have the name of a local supplier if you 
want but they are more work.
Good luck

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