Help with leaf disk assay?

James Thomas Murphy jtmurphy at CATS.UCSC.EDU
Tue Jun 20 12:55:19 EST 1995

Hello plant people,
 I am supposed to come up with a leaf disk assay in which a leaf disk 
from a raspberry seedling is innoculated with a rust fungi. The problem 
is that the leaf disk can not dessicate or otherwise deteriorate and the 
assay has to last about 10-14 days. I can't use whole seedlings for the 
assay, I have to use leaf disks. I've done a literature search but the 
references I've found aren't at my school.  Can anyone point out some 
references or give advice on coming up with a good technique for 
maintaing a leaf disk in "good" condition for up to two weeks? Any help 
would be greatly appreiated.

James Murphy
jtmurphy at

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