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>  I`m looking for information about the flower of the Dogwood tree. I`m
>told there is a legend associated with this flower. I also think it is the
>state flower but I dont know which state. Can anyone give me any info that
>will at least point me in right direction?                        
>                                                            Thank
There are several dogwood "trees", but I assume you are refering to the 
Flowering Dogwood or Cornus florida.  It is the state tree of Missouri.  
Actually, it is the creamy white bracts that attract attention, not the 
flowers for they are insignificant.  There is a legend attached to this 
tree.  I have to delve deep into my childhood Catholic religion class 
memories but I think that the wood from the dogwood was said to have been 
used in building the cross from which Jesus Christ was hanged.  Since that 
time, the legend goes, God saw that the dogwood would never grow large 
enough to produce substantial wood again (hence its relatively small size), 
and the bracts show a blood red/brown stain in memory of the wounds of 
Christ.  Anyone more familiar with the legend than I?

Steve Nicholson
Roseville, MN

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