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>>Can anyone direct me to literature dealing with the analysis of botanical
>>phenomena (e.g., growth, shape, motion and movement, etc.) based on the
>>geometry involved?

>Do a citation search on Thompson, D'Arcy Wentworth's "On Growth and Form"
>and/or read the portions of that book relating to plants.  It's still in
>print, through both Dover and Cambridge University presses, and perhaps
>also the abridged edition from Princeton University Press.

Here are a few other references :

 D.R. Causton & J.C. Venus : The Biometry of Plant Growth. Ed. Arnold 
(Publisher) Ltd (1981)

 R. Hunt : Plant Growth Curves. Ed. Arnold Ltd (1982)

 P.H. Todd : Intrinsic Geometry of Biological Surface Growth. Lect. Notes in 
Biomathematics, Vol. 67, Springer Verlag (1980)

F. L. Bookstein : The Measurement of Biological Shape and Shape Change. Lect. 
Notes in Biomathemetics, Vol. 24, Springer Verlag (1978)


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