Plants without chlorophyll

wojcik wojcik at
Wed Jun 21 10:55:18 EST 1995

Albert Adelman (bamboo at wrote:
: I'd like to raise a seedling of Clivia miniata lacking chlorophyll. Is it possible to raise it 
: in potting medium and add nutrients the plant is able to use?

	I'm afraid this effort is probably doomed to failure. Without 
chlorophyll, there's no way for the plant to get enough nutrients to survive.
I would guess that this seedling is still taking nourishment from the food
stores that were contained in the seed. Once those are used up, no amount of
additional, artificial nutrients will keep it alive.
	A number of variegated plants (those with a nice balance of areas
that contain chlorophyll and those that are lacking) will inevitably
produce a mixture of offspring that are either all-green, variegated with
green and white/yellow, or complete albinos, which will die.
	Too bad. The gardening world would certainly welcome a variegated
Clivia! Keep trying, though. Plant out more seedlings and see if one comes
up with a mixture of green and white areas.

- Al Wojcik

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