Oxygen to plant roots

kalimantan aroy15 at er6.rutgers.edu
Thu Jun 22 13:38:37 EST 1995

>s.meric at ix.netcom.com (Polar) wrote:

>Naive question:

>Why do we cultivate the soil around plants so oxygen will get to the
>roots?  As a home gardener, I've done it automatically for years, but
>got to wondering why just the oxygen dissolved in water wouldn't be
>enough.  Thanks for any replies.


think it's because oxygen in water diffuses much less rapidly than in air
and therefore even initially aerated water around the roots will soon be 
depleted of O2 if too much plant use or if there is no fast replacement of the
many plants however, counter by moving air from the shoots into the roots.
helps for awhile, especially in grasses and sedges with hollow stems.


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