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Julian FV Vincent szsvinct at
Fri Jun 23 03:30:49 EST 1995

Henk Beentje wrote:
> >: >>Can anyone direct me to literature dealing with the analysis of botanical
> >: >>phenomena (e.g., growth, shape, motion and movement, etc.) based on the
> >: >>geometry involved?

Biruta Kresling, Bionics & Experimental Design, 170 rue St-Charles, F-75015, Paris, France,
has been studying geometrical folding patterns with regard to packaging, and has used the
patterns you find in plants (leaves, flowers, etc) to great effect, exploring ways of
making folds which will expand with ease and stiffening structures simply by controlling
their shape.  She doesn't publish much, but has several papers (with one or two other 
people doing similar things) in the Natural Construction series of booklets (SFB230) 
produced by Frei Otto's group in Stuttgart.  For a start, ISBN 3-927078-08-5.  Don't
expect anything analytical - it's all too complex.  But there are plenty of ideas in her
publications.  We are involved in trying to test some of her structures mechanically, and
hope to do some mathematical analysis so that we can pull out some global parameters which
can be applied to real systems (e.g. unfolding leaves).  It's really very advanced origami!

Julian Vincent

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