Seedlings Dying--Help Quick please

erlst3 at erlst3 at
Thu Jun 22 21:26:35 EST 1995

I have 1" tall seedlings growing, but they don't look so good.  They are 2
weeks old.

I was afraid I was overwatering them, but due to their condition I've changed
my mind.  A couple of the seedlings are bent over and a couple died.  At first
I thought that it was because I was keeping the soil too damp so I haven't
watered them in 3 days.  Right now the soil feels cool, but not wet (kind of
like fresh potting soil in the bag--slightly more moist).  
I'm not sure how damp soil should be kept for seedlings (apparently delicate

How wet should the soil be and what is a general rule-of-thumb for watering
very young plants?

Sorry to ask, but I need a response asap so I can bring them back to life. :)

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