Oxygen to plant roots

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>Plants "drown" just like animals if surrounded by water with no air.  The 
>roots therefore need air around them to function.  I can't tell you exactly 
>why it works this way, but I know from my studies of vernal pools (in Calif) 
>that only specially adapted plants can survive under water for long.  Your 
>garden has regular terrestrial plants that don't have these adaptations.  I 
>hope this helps a little...not too scientific, I'm afraid!  - Nan

I have visited the Rimu forests on the West Coast of New Zeland, and large 
areas are pure peat.  They are 100% saturated.  So does anyone know how 
these fairly normal hardwoods which also grow on dry sites (though they have 
800 year growth cycles) would be adapted to cope.  The temperature is fairly 

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