Poa, Helicototrichon, Stipa, Haplophyllum ... how are these propagated and/or cultivated?

swre at delphi.com swre at delphi.com
Mon Jun 26 16:05:36 EST 1995

I have a friend working in Mongolia who wants to know which
plants are
the most useable and applicable for slope protection works. He
has given
me this list, what he needs to know is which are the most
easily spread
by seed, or, if appropriate, by cutting. I would be very
grateful for any
information on how to reproduce/ propogate any of the
Poa attenuata
Festuca lenensis
Festuca sibirica
Helictotrichon scellianum
Carex pediformis
Filifolium sibiricum
Scabiosa comosa
Stipa baicalensis
Stipa kriolvii
Leymus chinensis
Bupleurum scorzoner
Galium verum
Astragalus melilotoides
Cleistogenes squarrossa
Koeleria cristata
Sibbaldianthe adpressa
Haplophyllum dauricum
Astragalus galactites
Caragana microphylla
Stipa grandes
Caragana stenophylla
Koeleria macarantha
Arenaria capillaris
Arctogeron gramineum
Artemisia ruthifolia
Caryopteris mongolica
Any other sources of further information?.
Many thanks,
Stephen Eagle
SWRE at delphi.com

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