Most northerly bald cypress swamp

Timothy J Keenan tkeenan at
Mon Jun 26 12:57:29 EST 1995

Cynthia Donahey (cdonahey at wrote:

: Is the bald cypress swamp at Dawes Arboretum the mostly northerly example? 
: Can Louisiana iris grow in these conditions or do they need more sun and
: not that much water?  They have yeloow swamp iris planted with them, an
: introduced European species.  How healthy is the swamp anyway?  Is it
: normal for some of the branches not to leaf out?

Where is Dawes Arboretum?  Silvics of Forest Trees of North America (USDA 
handbook--can't remember the number) gives distribution maps.

I know of a few individual trees growing at the Royal Botanical Gardens 
in Hamilton, Ontario.  They are probably 60 years old, but are not 

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