Help with leaf disk assay?

O Monje sl5dl at
Tue Jun 20 19:48:00 EST 1995

jtmurphy at CATS.UCSC.EDU (James Thomas Murphy) wrote:

> I am supposed to come up with a leaf disk assay in which a leaf disk
>from a raspberry seedling is innoculated with a rust fungi.

> I have to use leaf disks. I've done a literature search but the
>references I've found aren't at my school.  Can anyone point out some

Why do you 'HAVE TO' use leaf discs? Give more details.
You could keep them in a petri dish with sterile moist paper, and as long as the water doesn't
evaporate, then the leaf disc won't dessicate.
Nevertheless, it seems that you should keep 'ALL' your options open and not start with an arm
tied behind your back!


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