Name that fungus

margaret l russell margaret at
Wed Jun 28 18:20:40 EST 1995

I seem to have begun a fungus farm in the potting soil around my ficus. 
It's lovely stuff, but what is it?  The fungus grows to about 1.5 inches 
high, is a bright almost day-glo chartreuse yellow/green and almost the 
same diameter the entire height.

It begins as tiny nubs on the soil and takes about a week to grow to full 
height (at least I think it's full height).

What is it? Should I try to kill it off? How? Will it hurt the plant if left?

I repotted it last summer in commercial potting soil, but it was left 
outside for about 3 months. Spent the winter in a south facing picture 
window quite happily. Fungus growth began about a month ago, during a hot 
and humid period. 

    Thanks for your help,

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