Seeking ref on "drying of figs"

Maaike Hendriksen lmhendriksen at
Thu Jun 29 06:15:17 EST 1995

Hello Mokhtar (hope i spelled your name right)
When we were on abotanical excursion in Portugal this year, we were actually told quite a lot 
about agricultural use of all kinds of crops like olives, oranges and figs by a very helpful 
man who new an awfully lot about all kinds of local use of these crops and really loved to tell 
about. maybe he can helpm you out. Unfortunately we don't have his address, let alone his 
e-mail address, we only now that he lives near Portimao in the Algarve and that he wrote a book 
together with prof. dr. Mabberley from Oxford University, Department of Plant Sciences. Maybe  
you could try it there? Good luck! Anja & Maaike 

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