Botanic Gardens

Catherine W. Nanz cwn at
Thu Jun 29 14:54:36 EST 1995

Hi! Here are some gardening and botanical garden
sites I've heard of (seen some of 'em): 

The Garden Spider's Web
Garden Net Home Page (lists of gardens by type and State)
Horticulture Solutions (Garden "FAQ)
Welcome to the Virtual Garden
The Rose Page (alt.gardens.roses FAQ)
The Garden Gate at SunSITE
The Garden Gate on Prairienet
Mable's Home Page (fall and summer gardens)
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Aus National Botanic Gdn:
NY Botanic Gdn:
Connecticutt College :Herbarium:
Oxford Botanic gdn:
Yahoo's garden site:
[I forget what this one was]

Have fun!

Best regards,
Cathy Nanz
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