Name that fungus

Fri Jun 30 21:23:40 EST 1995

margaret at (margaret l russell) writes:

>I seem to have begun a fungus farm in the potting soil around my ficus. 
>It's lovely stuff, but what is it?  The fungus grows to about 1.5 inches 
>high, is a bright almost day-glo chartreuse yellow/green and almost the 
>same diameter the entire height.

>It begins as tiny nubs on the soil and takes about a week to grow to full 
>height (at least I think it's full height).

>What is it? Should I try to kill it off? How? Will it hurt the plant if left?

>I repotted it last summer in commercial potting soil, but it was left 
>outside for about 3 months. Spent the winter in a south facing picture 
>window quite happily. Fungus growth began about a month ago, during a hot 
>and humid period. 

>    Thanks for your help,
>      Margaret
Sounds like Lepiota lutea. It should have a ring around the stem, just below
the cap. It is fairly common in greenhouses, and grows with potted plants as
well. Don't kill it! Enjoy it!  It won't hurt the plant.
	PS - Don't eat it either!           Cheers   - Martha Gottlieb

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