Non-Destructive Method for Nitrogen

Glenn M. Berntson berntson at
Wed Mar 1 15:37:57 EST 1995

John Aber of the University of New Hampshire has been working with this
technology in conjunction with remote sensing.  You might want to do a
literature search with his name (and his graduate student Mary Martin) to
see if you can find anything.  I am not immediately aware of any
publications of their work.

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pthibode at (PIERRE D. THIBODEAU) wrote:

> I'm looking for a non-destructive method for determining nitrogen content in
> plant tissue.  There is, apparently, a non-destructive method of determining
> nitrogen content in cereal.  The technology is called "near-infrared
> reflectance analysis" or something like so.  I'm looking for name of
> manufacturers of this technology.  Can someone help me?
> Thank you!
> Pierre Thibodeau
> Technologist, Biology Dept.

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