Maize COOP Stock Center's WWW server is on line

Maize Genetics COOP Stock Center maize at
Thu Mar 2 17:33:12 EST 1995

The Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center has a WWW server.  You can
connect either from the home page of the Maize Genome Database (at URL: or directly to our home page (at URL:

The Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center is the main repository for
maize mutants utilized in research by cooperators worldwide.  It is an
essential resource to maize scientists conducting basic and applied
biological research.  The Stock Center is designed primarily to provide a
service to maize geneticists by assembling, perpetuating and supplying
seed samples for use in research.  It is the goal of the Maize Genetics
Cooperation - Stock Center to acquire, maintain, and make available,
stocks containing all known allelic and cytological variation in maize and
information about them.  Any available stock(s) will be sent upon request
without charge.  From our home page you can order genetic stocks using our
request form, obtain information about our stocks, or obtain more
information about us.

In addition to accepting stock requests using our WWW fill-out form,
requests will continue to be accepted by e-mail (please give your full
mailing address when submitting an order over the internet, we don't yet
have the ability to send seeds to you via internet to your e-mail
address).  We will also continue to accept seed requests by phone, FAX and

Please send comments, suggestions, questions, etc. to maize at -or-
use our fill-out form.

      -Marty Sachs, Director

        Maize Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center  
USDA/ARS & Agronomy/UIUC [URL]
S123 Turner Hall             maize at [internet] 
1102 S. Goodwin Ave.        (217) 333-6631 [phone]
Urbana, IL  61801-4798      (217) 333-6064 [FAX]

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