Black Soybeans

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>We are looking for information on Black Soybeans for a science fair
>project. Can anyone tell us where to obtain information as to why black
>soybeans are black and why they appear in a normal population of soybeans. 
>Any help would be appreciated.

>Dale Redetzke   Hutchinson Middle School, Hutchinson, MN


Sorry-- I accidently posted the reply before I was finished with the answer.  
Anyway, as to why you would find a black seed in a field, the book goes on to 
say (p 144):

"In most commercial yellow-seeded varieties (I or i^i) dark-colored seeds have 
been found.  This has created some concern among farmers and seedsmen even 
though the percentage is usually quite low.  It has been shown to be due to a 
mutation from I to i^i or i and experience suggests that his mutation rate is 
rather high and is higher in some varieties than in others ...."

Good luck on your science fair.

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