grape growing probs-help

Zapp, Jamie zappj at
Sun Mar 5 23:47:16 EST 1995

I'd very much like to know if anybody else has tried to grow grape vines 
under artificial light. I am working on botrytis on wine grapes and as 
winter is approaching my work must head indoors. I am having big problems 
with the potted plants dying inside the growth chambers. Massive leaf 
necrosis is visible after one week. PLant death after 3 weeks.
 This is not causes by any pathogen.The light in the chambers is roughly 1/
5th of outdoor light.The fluorscent tubes are Philips Cool white 65w. Some 
small IRed/ red lamps also. Temps are 25C days and 10C nights.
This prob only happens to indoor plants- glasshouse plants OK.
I suspect the light spectrums are very different, but would this have such a 
rapid effect?
Has anybody else come across similar probs? Any solutions found?

PLease reply to me, or this newsgroup.

thanks jamie  
I'ma post-grad student in PLant path, lincoln Uni, New Zealand.
email me at     zappj at

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