Fruit? Vegetable? Herb?

Coscolluela Eileene ecoscoll at
Sun Mar 5 22:42:18 EST 1995

Lester Young (youngl at wrote:
: OK, here's a new, but related quandry;  how would you categorise a fig
: (the bit you eat)?  I read somewhere that it is actually the ovary or
: flower of the plant.  Is this true?  Most people would call it a fruit,
: but it does cook up quite nicely too.

	Actually, a fig is a inflorescence called a syconium.
	The flowers are the little things inside the fig.  The stuff
	(fleshy stuff that you eat) is actually accessory tissue.
	Kind of like a strawberry, in some ways.

	Please correct me if I'm wrong!

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