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The following is a survey I prepared to assist in gathering some 
information on undergraduate research participation in the plant sciences.  
I would appreciate your cooperation and participation.  The survey is not 
designed to be comprehensive, but I will take suggestions on how it might 
become so, if that is necessary.
To plant education and plant biology readers:   The following is a brief survey of undergraduate
participation in the plant sciences.  As chair of the undergraduate outreach committee of  the 
Southern Section of the ASPP, I am trying to gather some information on this for the upcoming
meeting in Knoxville,TN (3/18-3/20).  I apologize for the short notice, but doing this on the 'net
just occurred to me.  Please feel free to forward the survey to colleagues or print it out and
distribute it.  I would appreciate replies by email, but will accept regular mail. Thank you.

Undergraduate Participation in Plant Science Research Survey

1.  Type of College or University:  Community,  Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. granting.

2.  Type of Department:  Biology, Botany  (Plant Biology), Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant
Science, Other (e.g. Division of Natural Sciences, Crop and Soil, Plant and Soil, etc.)

3.  What is the erollment of undergraduate students in your department. How many  of them are

4.  Are you required to involve undergraduates in research?

5.  What is the number of undergraduate students in your department engaged in plant science
based research?

6.  What is your faculty teaching load?  Please give course credit hoursand contact hours.

7.  Are you on the semesters quarters, or something else?

8.  Do you have adequate resources for undergraduate research?  If so, please describe (examples: 
personal funds, individual grants, depatmental or college/university wide programs, access to
equipment and supplies).

9.  Do your students present results at regional or national meetings?

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