Glenn M. Berntson berntson at oeb.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 8 07:29:31 EST 1995

I don't know of any readily available computer program (mac or pc based)
for the detailed modeling of floral morphogenesis.  There are, however,
various places in the literature where people have discussed (in more or
less detail) the algorithms they used for doing such excercises.  So, if
you are not adverse to doing some coding of your own, these may be
valuable resources.  

I know more about the modeling of belowground plant structures (so if you
have any questions on this topic I can give you a more exhaustive
reference list).  

As a start for floral morphogenesis, try looking at the following references:

Prusinkiewicz, P. and A. Lindenmayer (1990). The Algorithmic Beauty of
Plants. Berlin, Springer-Verlag.

Schroeder, M. (1991). Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws. New York, W.H. Freeman
and Company.



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> Subject: Botanical Illustration
> Newsgroups: comp.graphics.animation
> Organization: Simon's Rock College
> Summary: 
> Keywords: 
>         I am working on a senior thesis at my college that includes the 
> modeling of three dimensional flowers. I was wondering if anyone knew of 
> any other projects that mirrored mine, or of any ftp or www sites that may 
> include models of flowers.
>  I was given some leads that sugested using l-system modelers to produce 
> 3D flowers. Thus following many peoples suggestions, I visited the 
> University of Calgary's www site, and was dualy impressed. Now that I'm 
> intrigued, I'm also frustrated. There seems to de a distinct lack of 3D 
> L-System programs for the Mac. Am I mistaken, or is PFG the only program 
> for the mac (its a 2D implimentation of L-System)? Where can I find other 
> programs, or other sites that contain info on morphogenisis.
>                                 Thank You
>                                         -Care Michaud
>                                         -preacher at simons-rock.edu

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