Marc van Iersel marcvi at CC.USU.EDU
Fri Mar 10 15:10:45 EST 1995

>       There has been numerous studies as to the breakdown of benlate to
>cyanide. To you have any information on this. As well as do you agree that
>it did kill plants or what.
>                             Sincerly, 
>                              Glenn

Apparently, there is an article in Florida Environments, Feb. 1995, "Burying 
Bad Benlate", where an investiator from the Florida Department of 
Environmental Protection bureau suggested the possibility of cyanide gas 
emissions from soils contaminated with Benlate.  I have not seen this
article and I don't have any other information on this subject.

>>Benlate is a fungicide that is produced by DuPont.  Allegedly it has caused
>>damage.  If you have any specific questions about Benlate, please let me
>Specifically, what damage?


Benlate has been shown to cause interveinal chlorosis, marginal leaf burn,
and leaf deformation.  It also decreases dry matter of many species.

Marc van Iersel

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