Rooting pear tree cuttings

wojcik wojcik at
Mon Mar 13 15:26:51 EST 1995

	I recently got a single cutting (about 6 inches long, last year's
growth) of a pear tree that I'm anxious to root and grow.
	I know that grafting is the best way to go, but that's just not
feasible right now.
	I know how to root hardwood cuttings, but that is normally done by
taking the cuttings in Fall, keeping them moist and refrigerated during the
Winter and planting out in the Spring. Obviously, I have to bypass that 
	What method should I use to root this cutting. It is currently sitting
in water in a cup in the refrigerator. I has been a fairly mild Winter here
in the Midwest and the cutting showed absolutely no signs of growth.
	Thanks in advance for input.

- Al Wojcik
  Ford Motor Co.

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