Germinating Coix lacryma-jobi - Help!

Arend Librande ar706 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Mar 15 07:10:26 EST 1995

	I have some seeds from a plant called a rainforest pearl (Coix lacryma-
jobi) that I am trying to grow.  Unfortunately, my efforts thus far
have not succeeded, and I only have eight seeds left.  Having read through
some of the recent literature on seed dormancy and germination, I found a
variety of ideas, but none that applied to this type of seed.  It has a
very hard seed coat.  The scant info I have on the plant recommends simply
imbibing it for 12 hours or so and then planting it.  This has not worked
and I fear risking more seeds, although, I may try cutting the seed coat.  If
anyone has any knowledge of this plant,and methods of breaking its seed's 
dormancy, I would greatly appreciate an email.
	One more tidbit.  I am also trying to get some seeds from a
Camellia japonica to germinate and have had no success imbibing or cutting
the seed coat.  I have also tried removal of the seed coat with concentrated
acetic acid and this has not worked either. If anyone can help me here,
again I would appreciate and email. Thanks.

Arend Librande

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