Where are the Wildflowers right now?

Michael Moore hrbmoore at rt66.com
Tue Mar 14 20:40:58 EST 1995

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>Subject: Where are the Wildflowers right now?
>From: Helen Claudia Gremillion, pies at leland.Stanford.EDU
>Date: 13 Mar 1995 19:50:30 -0800
>>To all wildflower lovers:
>I'm going on my yearly wildflower appreciation roadtrip
>March 20-26.  Looking for some good pointers.  How is
>Anza Borrego doing?  Antelope Valley?  Sierra foothills?
>Death Valley?  Any other good areas?
>Tom S.  (using H.G.'s acct)

The Southern and Southeastern Anza-Borrego is in full bloom: Fouquieria,
Beleperone, Sphaeralcea...all the usual suspects...even the Asclepias
is blooming.  Ajo Lilies are HUGE...the best I have seen in over a decade,
from Desert Center down to below the Mexican border.  Orthocarpus and the
several Eschscholtzias are in full bloom on the Arizona side all the way
the White Tank Mtns west of Phoenix...and the Encelia farinosa floats in
grand silver-and-yellow profusion from Tucson to Julian.  

The Hyptis is also at a decade-peak of blooming...I even saw a hillside of
Thamnosma covered in little evil purple-bell flowers.  A great year!  Had
chance to watch the Palm Canyon stand of Washingtonias getting happily
by torrential rains this last Saturday.

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