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Atsushi Ishikawa (fk01090 at PLUTO.CIS.FPU.AC.JP) wrote:
: I want to use fusicoccin, which is the major toxin produced by the fungus
: Fusicoccum amygdali.

It used to be difficult to get before the work of Marre - now, it is
available from Sigma Chemical ... product code F 0537.

One word of advice - don't dissolve it in a small volume of organic
solvent (eg. ethanol) as is sometimes recommended because the solvent
may have other effects that complicate interpretation of the effect of
the fusicoccin.

Fusicoccin _is_ sparingly soluble - sonicate it, then stir overnight.

For more info see: Marre, E. (1979) Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol., 30, 273.

It also has interesting effects on stomata - see:  Travis, A.J. and
Mansfield, T.A. (1979) Reversal of the CO2-responses of stomata by
fusicoccin, New Phytologist, 83, 607-614.

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