Help! Gardenia buds dying!

Thomas Francis Serwold serwold at
Wed Mar 15 17:56:45 EST 1995

Fellow plant lovers,
	I recently purchased a gardenia to put in my apartment.  It had bright 
green leaves and was covered with buds when I bought it.  A couple of the 
buds were very large and looked ready to bloom.  After a week, the buds 
had not seemed to be getting any larger or blooming but the plant was 
generating many new green leaves. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that 
the buds were falling off of the plant at the point where the bud meets 
the stem.  The plant had decided to kill the buds rather than bloom. 
There are still many young buds on the plant which show no signs of 
falling off yet.  

		Why are the buds dying?  How can I prevent this from 
happenning to the other buds?

	Thanks to all who suggest a cause/remedy. 

				Tom Serwold
				serwold at

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