African Violet Problem,,,

ArtLH artlh at
Thu Mar 16 12:46:44 EST 1995

I've noticed that the leaves on mine curl under when I over water or they
don't get enough light.  I now keep the in an east window, and have them
in a very porous mix with lots of perlite.  I allow them to become
slightly dry before watering.  I fertilize with 1/2 strength miracle gro
monthly.  They are now growing like weeks and are never without lots of
flowers.  Are the leaves of a good dark green color?  If not give more
light.  You should probably consider repotting into a looser mix.  Just
remove some of the old soil ball before repotting.  Do not put in too
large a pot.  They don't have very big root systems and overpotting seems
fatal due to waterlogging.  Even large plants do well in 4 inch pots.

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