African Violet Problem,,,

Seth J Colitz sethc at
Wed Mar 15 20:56:03 EST 1995

    I have this unidentified African violet plant a friend gave me. It  iIt only 
had 4 leaves when I got it and was doing poorly.  One by one each leaf died 
until tthere was just a dried stump left.  I almost chucked it but decided
to keep it watered.  Interestingly a small set of leaves sprouted and soon
the plant took off.  It looks like it is in good health now, about 16 deep
dark leaves, except the leaves are starting to curl under.  But it still 
looks healthy.  Is this a problem or should I not worry.  Any help would be 
appreciated particularly general care info (how much water, light, and soil    
type) as well as a recommended organic fertilizer.  One more thing, the soil
is very compact and hard, Is this bad?      

Thank you muchly,  


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