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>On March 14 1995 Larissa Williams wrote:
>> Regarding marigolds, is there a specific
>>variety which I should use to "keep pests out of my vegetable garden"
>>(as is commonly advertised) this year, or is there a certain species
>>that has this repelling effect? 
The smelly little yellow ones. Sometimes they are orange in color.
>> Also, how densely (how close to one
>>another) should I plant them. 
The marigolds I have used have always been about 12 inches wide so I
plant 12 inches between seed holes.
>> I tried planting seeds from a run-of-the-
>>mill marigold I had - around the periphery of my garden last year; 
>>grew well, but didn't flower until the fall,
They do not like to bloom in warm weather!! Perhaps your area is too 
warm or dry. Try planting them in the semi-shaded areas and water them
lots! Most marigold that I deal with are thirsty.
>> and were selectively dying,
>>so I ended up with very few.  And if I need to get a special sort, 
>>where can I procure such?  Thanks!
You should be able to locate them fairly easy. Simply ask the nurseries 
in your area about this marigold. Tell them what effects you want to 
acheive and hopefully they can help.

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