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Sun Mar 19 10:33:00 EST 1995

In article <3k85rj$53c at>, sethc at (Seth J Colitz) writes:
>    I have this unidentified African violet plant a friend gave me. It  iIt only 
>had 4 leaves when I got it and was doing poorly.  One by one each leaf died 
>until tthere was just a dried stump left.  I almost chucked it but decided
>to keep it watered.  Interestingly a small set of leaves sprouted and soon
>the plant took off.  It looks like it is in good health now, about 16 deep
>dark leaves, except the leaves are starting to curl under.  But it still 
>looks healthy.  Is this a problem or should I not worry.  Any help would be 
>appreciated particularly general care info (how much water, light, and soil    
>type) as well as a recommended organic fertilizer.  One more thing, the soil
>is very compact and hard, Is this bad?      
>Thank you muchly,  
 Don't put it in direct sunlight, a ( nsou >)opps I'm new with this. A north
window is best. Age your water, and keep the soil damp but don't let the tray
fill up. 

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