African Violet Problem,,,

Scott Brenkert ATLR23A at
Mon Mar 20 23:59:40 EST 1995

     I've heard fish emulsion is good, but you have to put up with the 
     If the soil is hard, but the roots are growing through it, don't 
worry.  When it's time to repot (I suspect it's in a 4" pot,) pot-up to a 
6" pot and use a soil with alot of peat moss and vermiculite in it.  
Break up the hard soil only on the edges, to induce better soil-to-soil 
contact with the new soil.
     Water from the bottom if possible, never get water on the foliage.  
Make the water slightly warmer than room temperature.

  Any help would be 
>>appreciated particularly general care info (how much water, light, and 
>>type) as well as a recommended organic fertilizer.  One more thing, the 
>>is very compact and hard, Is this bad?      
>>Thank you muchly,  

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