Clematis prop. from cuttings - tips?

Bret Celmer szcelmer at
Mon Mar 20 17:35:13 EST 1995

Kevin Crader (kc at wrote:
: I would like to propagate some Clematis vines growing in my patio, but
: I've never had any root in past attempts. I have had good luck with many
: other species.
:  Any tips to help me - possibly time of year, length of cuttings, etc?
: Zone 6  Lexington MA

: Thanks!

: Kevin

Kevin-  You'll have best luck with cuttings of your Clemantis if you take 
young wood in the spring or partially matured wood in the summer.  
Semi-hardwood or hard wood should be treated with rooting hormone.  
Layering also works well.  good luck.
          B. Celmer        btcelmer at

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