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> Hi, I am conducting a bio survey.
> 	What are your thoughts on the following situation
> It is sometime in the future and humans can now produce their own food 
> and oxygen and plants are no longer nessasary, what do you think the 
> world would be like.  Any comments would be helpful.

	Even if plants were nolonger neccesary for the production of oxygen and
food for humans they would remain essential for all other animal life except
those species chosen for farming (or pets), which would presumably be supplied
by the same technology as the human population.
     	There would appear to be two (well three really) paths such a world
could follow;
1 - maintain the current situation of a green world and continue to rely on
plants,		or
2 - remove all plants,	
(or 3 - use the new technology but maintain the global plant populations. This
would seem to be a bit pointless)

	Option 2 would lead to major problems of soil erosion, sedimentation of
water supplies, flooding etc etc. This might lead to the construction of huge
cities covering the planet in which billions of people live, never seeing the
colour green or being aware of anything other than the artificial - as
depressing as it is unlikely.
	The world would therefore pressumably be little different to the
situation prior to the development of the technology.

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