Rf: Name change of group

Ellen G. Sutter egsutter at ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 22 13:52:17 EST 1995

I do not agree that getting rid of "gardening folk" would necessarily be
good.  Sure, it is sometimes a nuisance for the more "erudite" among us to
read gardening questions.  But, it was the presence of those very
questions that alerted me to using the newsgroup for teaching my class in
plant propagation.  I teach the science behind the techniques as well as
the technology itself in the course.  Having questions on propagation
allowed me to have a legitimate way to get the students involved in the
internet.  Every student except for 1 told me that she or he learned a
great deal reading the messages in the newsgroup.  I also agree with Tony
that having the group available to high school students is a very positive
move.  After all - they will the the plant biologists of the future.
        Ellen Sutter

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