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In December 1995, the Association of Applied Biologists will be 
holding a conference on the various aspects of field techniques. 
The conference will be held between the 11 and 13 December at 
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK with demonstrations of equipment 
at a nearby location on the 12 December.

Many of the subjects will be interlinked but the programme will 
cover the following areas and will be adjusted to take account 
of comments and offers received.

- Legislation and field experimentation in the future.
- Experimental design.
- Statistical analysis.
- Automation of experiments.
- Background monitoring.
- Problems for the future.
- Assessment techniques.
- Data handling.

Exhibitions of both large and small scale equipment will be staged 
allowing discussions between manufacturers and delegates.

If you are interested in submitting a paper/poster or 
exhibiting equipment please contact 
Gillian Champion on G.T.Champion at by 31 March 1995. 
Please supply details of provisional title and authors if offering 
a paper or poster, or the nature of the equipment if wishing to 
exhibit and your details will be passed to the appropriate session 
organiser. Alternatively fax details to the organising committee 
via Mike May at Morley Research Centre on 01953 601109. 
General enquiries in connection with the conference may be 
addressed in the same way.

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