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>I recently came across a tree in Arizona at a time when I didn't have
> any key
>with me.  I know that it was a Sophora, but the ref. book I have for
> Arizona    says that Sophora species are herbaceous or shrubby, and
> this was a 15 foot tree.  It has red seeds, so it could be arizonica 
>any ideas?  Also, I have 4 seedsof this tree.  I started one by 
>in warm water for a couple of hours, but so far no luck.  I don't want
>to waste the other three - does anyone have any  suggestions?

Any chance for Sophora secundiflora - Texas Mountain Laurel. I assume
that this is fairly tree like. I germinated some of these by nicking 
the seed coat prior to soaking. Many of the Leguminosae seem to have
virtually impermeable seed coats, and piercing them often gets them
under way (at the risk of rotting a few).

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