Kyung-Hwan Han re:hello

Hwang Jongpil z942460 at AXP3400.KYUNGPOOK.AC.KR
Thu Mar 23 21:53:03 EST 1995

Dr. Han Kyung-Hwan

How's everything with you?
as you say,
I am form Korea,attenibg Department Agriculture,
Kyungpook National University , Daegu.
I am a graduate student in the second year for MS.
I am so happy to receive your letter.
Although I don't know you, I feel great.
I think that there are not reasons , maybe you thinks so.
If you ask me a question, I really answer it with my best.
I want to know your e-mail address.

Hwang Jong Pil
University of kyungpook
Department of Agriculture 
e-mail: z942460 at

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