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Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at
Fri Mar 24 20:52:58 EST 1995

In a previous article, mthomas at (Michele Thomas) says:

>I've been investigating native plant sources for zone 5 and have found a
>couple:  Barry Glick, Sunshine Farm and Gardens in West Virginia (for more
>info look at and Neil Diboll, Prairie
>Nursery in Wisconsin.
>Is anyone else interested in this subject and do you know of other sources?

Ok, this is not for USDA Zone 5, but rather for California, but it might 
be of use to some who don't know about it....  The Theodore Payne 
Foundation in Sun Valley, California (eastern part of Los Angeles' San 
Fernando Valley has seeds and plants for a large selection of native 
California plants and shrubs.

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