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Anna Kettle Anna at altern8.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 27 19:09:29 EST 1995

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question "Is there a field 
guide to Vietnamese plants?"  The short answer is: NO

No one seemed entirely sure whether May / early June is mango 
season or slightly too early, so I shall hope!  (And console myself 
with all the other lovely fruit; Rambutan, Durian ...  YUM YUM)

Cheers, Anna ;-)

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One suggestion was a series of books by Pham Hoang Ho called 'Cayco
Vietnam'.  6 volumes so far, each costing $50.  A little large for 
my rucksack!  
Publisher:	Koeltz Scientific Books USA
		email xx143 at prairienet.org (Pamela Burns-Balogh)
		BBS 217-355-4532
		phone 217-355-9331

Another suggestion is the Collins Guide to Tropical Plants, but that
only covers cultivated plants, like banana and papaya.

The most likely choice for me is 'Flowering Plants of Thailand' by
Patrick D. McMakin.  Mike Lock says that it is 'A nice little book 
with lots of colour photos'.  Thailand and Vietnam are not too far 
apart, so I hope that they have many of the same plants.

My local bookshop could order it, but I decided to speed things up 
by phoning the publisher in Bangkok myself.  Details are:
	White Lotus Co. Ltd.
	P.O. Box 1141
	FAX:   006622131175
	PHONE: 006622861100
The book cost 695 Baht plus 218 Baht postage, which I paid by 
bankers draft.  (I guess that is about $30 US which seemed very
reasonable to me.) I recommend you to use fax rather than phone, 
unless you speak Thai.  If all goes well, I will receive the book 
in about two weeks...

Mike Lock also recommends a visit to the Government bookshop in 
Saigon, to see if there are any books which are produced locally, 
but not exported.  


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