'Carnivorous' Plants - Need Expert(s)

mel turner mturner at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Mar 29 18:49:04 EST 1995

In article <3lcn5k$jn at anshar.shadow.net> egriffin at shadow.net (Ed Griffin) writes:
>I have one Nepenthes, species unknown (reference books disappeared
>with Andrew), which clambers about my patio, and for the first time it
>is flowering. I need to know if a single plant will set seed, ageing
>and germination of seed if set, & etc..

Sorry, but Nepenthes is dioecious (there are separate staminate and pistillate 
plants, and you need both for seeds).  Anyway, the seeds are very minute.  I'm 
sure there are good how-to books on carnivouous plant  and their cultivation 
out there, but I have no recommendation.

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