Rf: Name change of group

Gerald W. Roe en767 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Mar 31 15:51:33 EST 1995

I proposed bionet.botany without any clue that botany no longer
means what I thought it meant. As a layperson, I thought it meant
the scientific study of plants, and in my experience that's what
most people still take it to mean. However, if schools are offer-
ing "plant science" because they think it ;means something else
to most people, I guess they know something I don't. Anyway, it
might be useful for all here to know that Rec.gardens is now in
the process of discussing a reorganization which would include
the creation of a rec.plants newsgroup. I'm a little concerned
that this will confuse the situation even more. The proposal is
in the RFD stage now, and future proposals await if it does not
  While I'm at it, I'd like to respond to one name change dissent-
er who thought the Bionet. hierarchy should be enough to keep the
gardeners out. Maybe so, but "should" doesn't count for much. the

fact is that more and more gardening messages are showing up from
folks who are in the wrong group, *and they are being answered by
other folks in the wrong group*. Both parties think everything is
swell, except for those wierd technical questions that litter the
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