Wanted: Imaging Analysis Info

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Fri Mar 31 09:55:05 EST 1995

CHRIS FOOSHEE - C.F.R.E.C. APOPKA (wcf at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu) wrote:
: Our research facility is interested in purchasing some digital imaging analysis
: hardware and software. We are currently perusing the technical journals, trade
: magazines and several other sources for information, pricing, capabilities etc.
: However we would like to get input from some actual users of such systems. 
: If you have used, successfully or unsuccessfully, a digital analysis system in
: the measurement of roots, disease lesions, cell counting etc. please either
: post a reply or send e-mail recounting your experience with your equipment. If
: there are sufficient replies, I will post a summary in this news-group.

Hello, Chris.

I use 'Visilog' from Noesis Inc. on a Sun Sparcstation (1+ and 10)
Visilog was selected by the CHEST (UK) IUSC Graphics Working Party in
1993 for academic use and it was particularly recommended for
microscopy work.  We obtained it from Data Cell tel. +44 1628 415 415
or email Brendon Ireland <brendon at datacell.co.uk>

Visilog is an image analysis application development environment and
supports a wide range of capabilities.  I've been using it to analyse
images of plant cells, and I do 2-D image analysis on 3-D stacks of
confocal images from 'thick' sections of plant material.  It's very
good if you know how to program in C/C++ and know about image analysis.

I've imported images into Visilog from a variety of sources very easily
(reads tiff's and raster format images) but its support for 3rd-party
frame grabbers leaves something to be desired.  I'm currently using a
Data Cell S2200 24-bit colour frame grabber which is expensive, but
fully supported.

The microscopy/confocal lists are full of advice about using NIH image
on a Mac to make image analysis easy but, like statistics, image
analysis is difficult to do well unless you know something about it ...

Visilog is available under Unix/X11 for Sun, HP, SGI and under
MS-Windows for 386/486 PC's (need a fast PC with 16Mb RAM).

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